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PizzeriaGo to: Restaurante “La Pizzería”
Panteón Viejo s/n. Phone 958 76 3304.
Specializing in pizzas.  Good Informationtapeo at the bar while you enjoy watching the ability with which Antonio, the owner, makes the dishes on the stove.  Inviting dining area and varied menu with seasonal items.  Good quality for the price. Daily prix-fixe menu available. 

Go to: Restaurante “El Corral del Castaño”Wine
Plaza del Calvario 16. Phone 958 76 34 14.
Inviting dining areas where you can taste dishes from high quality cuisine.  Outside terrace.

Go to: Bar “La Tapa”
InformationSnacks featuring cold meats.

Go to: Bar “El Tinao”
C/ Carril s/n.Phone 657 62 67 36.
InformationFor those that prefer to have tapas or eat in a less formal atmosphere, this bar offeres a great variety of pressed sandwiches, hamburgers, pinchitos, etc.  And to entertain yourself you may play a game of table football, darts or watch a football match. 

SausageGo to: Bodega "El Atroje"
C/ Doctor Castilla 8. Phone 649 84 25 78.
InformationGood tapas, magnificent cold meats and cheese.  Warm atmosphere.

Go to: Bodega “La Alacena”
InformationC/ Campana.Phone 958 76 34 07.

You can taste products of the land, such as wine, ham, cheese and other cold meats.

 Go to: Mesón Casa Íbero
C/ La Parra 1.Phone 653935056.
Vegetarian and alpujarreño dishes.  Clients staying at Casa Nicolasa will receive a 10% discount off drinks.

Go to: Mesón Abuxarra
Carretera de la Sierra s/n.Phone 958 76 33 30.

Barbequed meats, blood sausage and spicy pork sausage, dishes typical of la Alpujarra.

Go to: Restaurante “El Asador”Chef
Carretera de la Sierra s/n.Phone 958 76 31 09.
Specializing in barbequed meats.  Has an extensive menu.  Daily prix-fixe menu available.

Go to: Bar Paco López
Carretera de la Sierra s/n.Phone 958 76 30 76.
Breakfast, churros with chocolate.  Traditional cooking.

Go to: El Tilo
Plaza del Calvario s/n. Phone 958 76 31.
Wonderful terrace under a tree that gives it its name.  Breakfast, typical Alpujarran dishes as well as a variety of other dishes. 

Go to: Restaurante “Casa de Paco y Pilar”Beer
Carretera de la Sierra 16.Phone 958 76 31 42.
Large dining area and magnificent garden to try to the barbequed meats. 

Go to: Restaurante “Ruta de las Nieves”
Carretera de la Sierra s/n.Phone 958 76 31 06.
Variety of dishes and also dishes typical of la Alpujarra. 

Go to: Mesón Poqueira
C/ Doctor Castilla 11.Phone 958 76 30 48.
Traditional and Alpujarran dishes.  Daily prix-fixe menu.  Breakfast.

Go to: Mesón PanjuilaCocktail
Carretera de la sierra 24.Phone 958 76 32 94.
InformationTraditional cooking, a variety of dishes.

Go to: Pub Trapisonda
Carretera de la sierra.
To enjoy the night in the company of friends, hear music and have drinks.

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